I started development when I was about the age of eleven - I got started with web development when the mozilla suite was a thing. Later I did an apprenticeship as a digital media designer but focused on web development ever since then.

Since I started with building for the web when HTML, CSS and JavaScript still was in its baby shoes compared to nowadays, I can look back on many years of experience with everything web related. I know about the backends, the environments running on servers, the network. I understand browsers, how they work, how they render, what quirks they have. I care about quality - both in my code as well as in the final product. I care about performance, about open standards. The web should work for anyone - anywhere.

My activities range from the development of websites for marketing purposes as to big web applications for a wide range of customers including but not limited to Sony PlayStation, ImmoScout24, Commerzbank, Mastercard, Ferrero, Kia or Caparol and REWE.

If you need some serious web development to be done, or your team lifted to the next level - hire me :)

My Github Account: https://github.com/paratron/
My Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/paratron

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christian-engel-402425113/
Xing: https://www.xing.com/profile/Christian_Engel112